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 "A Brief Note to Future Students" - Jerry Miettinen

    I came to Arthur Murray Dance Studio as a Christmas gift to my wife.  She often said she would love to take dance lessons, so I obliged and took an introductory course with her in 2009.
    My feeling as I came for my first few lessons was mostly fear.  Fear of not being able to learn the dances, of stepping on someone's toes, and of embarrassing myself and my wife somehow.  I was worried I could not learn "fancy" dance steps because I have basically zero dance abilities, except for an occasional twist, or bump, or bunny hop at a wedding.  Well, I was relieved to find that after two or three lessons my fears dissipated.  I thank the instructors for that.  In our private lessons our instructor, Shawna, is an expert in teaching very basic dance moves to beginners.  She was very kind and supportive throughout and made the lessons fun.  Secondly, in our group lessons I found out quickly that almost everyone there was a beginner just like me; and the lessons are taught at a slow, simple pace that everyone in class can catch on to.  Like me, many people were making small mistakes and no one really even noticed.  After all, we're beginners and mistakes are a part of learning something new.  I found that it just takes practice to get the steps right.  The instructors and teaching methods were supportive and geared to the beginner dancer.  Thanks Drew(he taught most of the group classes). 
    Another experience I have had at Arthur Murray was gaining an enjoyment of dancing.  I came as a courtesy to my wife and did not really expect to have much fun at it.  It was for her after all.  I was just tagging along because I'm the husband; it's my job.  I was surprised that when I loosened up a bit and tried to have fun, I had a great time.  I met some new people, laughed a lot and kept on trying my dance steps.. I'm still not very good, but I'm getting better and having fun just dancing with my wife.  After these experiences, I have recommended Arthur Murray to friends and family.  It's actually fun! 
    So, in summary, my advice is to laugh, have a good time, keep trying and the steps will come, and listen to the instructors.  They've taught a lot of beginners like me. 
    Thank you to all the dance instructors at Arthur Murray in Costa Mesa for a great experience in dancing.

"This is a small testimonial to my experience at the Arthur Murray Dance studio in Costa Mesa"- Laurie Miettinen

    My husband gave me the "Gift of Dance" for Christmas.  In other words a course of dance lessons.  I have never received a more thoughtful, fun or romantic gift in my life.  We have had a wonderful time!
    Learning to dance is just one part of the experience. The teachers and students have been absolute joy.  I have to say we feel especially fortunate to have had Shawna as our primary instructor.  She is patient, sweet and funny.  She takes the fear factor out of the whole learning experience and makes you want to come to class just to find out what she has planned for you next.  And Drew who taught most of our group lessons, kept us moving, learning and laughing.  Sara has also been especially encouraging and wonderful to spend time with.  Thank you all so much.
    To anyone considering giving this a try, I say: Go for it!  Honestly, you won't regret it.  A few words of wisdom... Listen to the instructors, trust them even when you don't want to "switch partners" or think you can't possibly manage a certain move.  You can do it!  They'll show you how to manage it and you will end up loving it and doing far more than you could have initially imagined.